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WikiReaders are collections of articles from Wikipedia on a certain topic, in the form of PDFs published for download and intended to be printed, and also to be sold in printed form.

Their intention is to start a revision process on this topic and clarify the current state of this topic.

The state of the WikiReader project for other languages is at meta:WikiReader.

Currently, the German Wikipedia has three WikiReaders for sale, and several to download. The German Wikipedians are thus the pioneers of printing Wikipedia material. If you know German, read de:Wikipedia:WikiReader, and help us catch up and become "published".

Mirror of WikiReaders (mostly German now, since the other languages have to catch up first)

Wikipedia:Stable versions has the most appropriate articles for use in print.



Decade Volcanoes[edit]

To be released[edit]

Free Software and Free Contents[edit]


Australian Gold Coast[edit]

2004 U.S. presidential election controversy and irregularities[edit]

Solar System[edit]

Spoiler Warning: A Wikipedia reader's digest[edit]

  • Details: Wikipedia:WikiReader/Spoiler Warning
  • Editor: Stbalbach
  • Scope: The best of Wikipedia Spoiler Warnings
  • Release date: project begun May 2005, no release date.
  • Status: Looking for articles to be included!
  • Note: Reader's Digest® is a registered trademark for a magazine and various books published by the company of the same name in the United States, and it will need a different name.

A History of the 20th Century[edit]

Cetacea / Whales[edit]

  • Details: Wikipedia:WikiReader/Cetacea
  • Scope: A collection of all articles concerning Cetacea (Species, Taxa, General)
  • Editor(s): Achim Raschka
  • Release date: 2005 (maybe printed)
  • Status: at the beginning, a German Reader as a "template" exists

Methods of Molecular Biology[edit]

Poetries: National and International[edit]

  • Details: Wikipedia:WikiReader/Poetries National and International
  • Scope: A book of the articles describing and analysing 'poetries national and international', including the significant British, French, Irish, Urdu and Japanese categories within Wikipedia, as well as various lesser-known international poetries and poets.
  • Editor: EuropracBHIT
  • Release date: March 14 2005 (putatively).

Software Engineering[edit]

The Best of Wikipedia: Featured Articles, February 2004 - March 2004[edit]

Twentieth-Century Hollywood[edit]

  • Details: Wikipedia:WikiReader/Twentieth Century Hollywood
  • Scope: Locates Hollywood in time and space (Part 1), talks about the people (Part 2-1 roles such as actors, directors, producers and cinematographers, while Part 2-2 concentrates on biographical data about the figures), the institutions (such as Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Paramount, MGM and Dreamworks) and the films that have made and shaped 20th century Hollywood, including Best Pictures editorially selected, as well as B-films and certain genres.
  • Editor: User:EuropracBHIT
  • Release date: Putatively, October 1st 2004. See Details for a more detailed timeline.

William Shakespeare[edit]

World War II[edit]

History of Latin America[edit]


  • Details: Wikipedia:WikiReader/Taipei
  • Scope - Taipei related topics
  • Editor - Students of National Taiwan University Computer Science and Information Engineering Department.
  • Release date - Wikimania 2007

The Simpsons[edit]


Resources[edit][edit] is a free application that has been used for the first wikireaders to create PDFs.

There is an Template for German WikiReaders and there is a (unofficial) template in English. The English version is basically a copy (layout) of the German one.

Wiki -> PDF[edit]

The German Wikipedia project used Gynecology Reader use WIKI->PDFSkript to make a reader. This service was taken down in August 2005 because of software bugs, and has not been reactivated.

What worked:

  • Basic formatting: bold, italics,
  • Headers,
  • Wiki-links and external links,
  • Lists and indentation

What the script couldn't yet handle:

  • Images
  • Tables
  • Templates


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